Water Coolers Supplier in Hampshire

Eden Springs Eastleigh
Link House, Tower Lane, Eastleigh
O50 6NZ
United Kingdom


The UK's number 1 water cooler company have a dedicated delivery, installation and servicing network throughout Hampshire. If you require a reliable delivery of water coolers in Hampshire direct to your organisation you can be sure that the cool, clean water from our West Hyde source will refresh your entire office. All Hampshire towns and villages are covered by our delivery network centered at Eastleigh.

Bottled Water Cooler Special Offer

From £3 per week!

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible plans (Rent or Buy)
  • Easy installation
  • Regular delivery
  • Great tasting water

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Mains-fed Water Cooler Special Offer

From 70 pence a day!

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Professional installation
  • Equipped with exclusive Eden Filter System
  • 100% recyclable technology
  • Unlimited water supply

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Hampshire office drinking water

Our Hampshire water coolers are filled from our source at West Hyde in Hertfordshire. Taken direct from the chalk aquifier, the water has a great natural taste that is both crisp and cool. We are fortunate that this source is able to produce enough great quality water to service all our water cooler customers in London and the South of England.

Water delivery in Hampshire

Be assured that whether you're buying or renting a water cooler, we can deliver and install your cooler anywhere in the Hampshire area – in fact anywhere in the UK! If you're using a bottled water cooler than we also supply a free scheduled London water delivery service, replacing and replenishing your water supply promptly and easily.

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