Water coolers in Glasgow
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At Eden Springs we focus in offering the most competitive prices of the market so you can enjoy great quality potable water with the highest purity. We work with more than 800,000 companies to whom we distribute our top quality products and the best drinking water. Our main premise is to offer you pure and healthy water that contributes to maintain and improve the health in your work environment, this way your employees will feel more vital.

 Water coolers in Glasgow

Buy or rent a water dispenser in Glasgow!

With Eden you can buy or rent a water dispenser, which are an ideal option for your workers, this way you ensure they will enjoy high quality potable water in the work environment. Furthermore, working with Eden is working with a company focused in protecting the planet. We use resources responsibly and in compliance with an environmental commitment. We have the Carbon Neutral certification, with which we offset our CO2 emissions.

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