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Business Kalix Tap Water Cooler

The Eden Kalix  is the flagship mains-fed water cooler featuring ease of use and maintenance for a refreshing cup of water. Designed for effortless servicing and sanitisation, the front door panel allows for easy access to filters.

As the water enters the system, it passes into a pressure vessel and is chilled as it moves through the vessel to the point of dispense. This provides a consistent delivery of chilled water as the water does not come into contact with air until it is dispensed.

It will decorate the conference room and every office, necessary equipment in hotels, restaurants, schools, clinics, and will also meet the strict health and safety standards in industrial and production plants. Make an appointment with your Eden representative and discover the full benefits of a Kalix distributor.

Cold Water Option
Hot Water Option
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  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Thanks to the smart filter, the tap water is purified once again.
  • Large water tank, allowing you to enjoy cold, room temperature and hot water for a long time.
  • Easily choose chilled water, room temperature water or hot water.
  • Safety lock hot button
  • Nicely designed with handy push buttons and integrated cup holder. Stylish and looks great in any room!
Technical Specification
  • Capacity: cold water 20 liters per hour / hot water 7 liters per hour
  • Power: 220 - 240V; cold 80W; hot 600W
  • Weight: 23.5 kg
  • Cold water temperature: 4-11 °C
  • Hot water temperature: 90 °C
  • Integrated cup holder