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Water delivery in the UK

Eden Springs will give you the most innovative water solutions for your company. We take care of bringing high quality potable water to your office; we offer a 100% professional service, both for the installation, as well as for delivery and the maintenance of the water coolers. With us you will get high-quality products and services to improve the health of all your employees, and remember, we also care for the environment.

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Enjoy the best spring water in your office

Our office water services include transportation and delivery of spring water and water coolers. Eden is the perfect solution to provide pure and healthy water to the workers and customers of your company. We have different models of great quality bottle water dispensers, so you can get potable water from the UK's best water springs daily.

We have the ISO 9001: 2015 certification that guarantees the quality of the water we offer, as well as our dispensers.

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About our water delivery service

Eden Springs Business Water Service is available to companies of any size. We adapt to the needs of each client to provide the best potable water whenever it is needed. Our water delivery service include:

  • Free delivery.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly deliveries, as you prefer.
  • Scheduled Delivery.
  • Disinfection and maintenance of our dispensers.

If you prefer, you can also opt for a water filter connected to the pipes of your building, this will allow you to have potable water with excellent quality at a flat rate. 

Water technical service

Technical Services and Maintenance

At Eden we make sure that your cooler is always in the best possible condition. To preserve the quality of the water, and in accordance with EU guidelines, Eden will sanitise your water cooler on a regular basis, whenever it is necessary and in accordance with your contract. All our water experts are BWCA trained and will sanitise your coolers to their exacting standards. All Bottled Water Coolers should be sanitised every 3 months and all Mains-Fed Water Coolers should be sanitised every 6 months.

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Recycled Plastic Bottles

Eden Springs takes environmental protection very seriously. For this reason, we work every day to reduce our atmosphere emissions to avoid global warming. One of our initiatives is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of our company, a milestone that we have achieved thanks to the reuse of Eden water bottles. Our packages can now be reused up to 50 times before being recycled. Maximum efficiency to protect and preserve our planet.

Eden Springs customer service

Customer service

We are at your disposal whenever you need us, this is why we provide several ways to contact us. By telephone, email and soon through your private customer area, where you can manage your entire account. How can we help you?