Mains fed water coolers for your office
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Plumbed-in water cooler offers

Plumbed-in water cooler offers

If your office has a direct connection to the water of your building, using Eden Springs you can purify this water to have a high quality and healthy drink. Our filtered water dispensers are directly connected to the plumbing systems, and are the ideal solution for companies that want to have quality potable water all the time. We offer a flat rate with very good prices, so you can control your expenses on a monthly basis.

Thanks to our dispenser’s filters, the running water of any building is filtered to eliminate harmful particles and other dangerous elements that can move through the pipe system of your building. With this solution you will be able to offer quality purified water to both your workers and your customers.

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Why buy or rent a filtered water dispenser

Why buy or rent a filtered water dispenser?

Our dispensers are the ideal solution to have pure quality water available whenever you want it or need it. When you buy or rent a water dispenser with Eden Springs you will get:

  • Very quick and easy installation carried out by our technicians. 
  • Pure quality water whenever you want it. 
  • Unlimited water whenever you need it.
  • Maximum control of water consumption in the office.
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Purified Drinking Water

Purified Drinking Water

At Eden Springs we only distribute water coolers that will guarantee a high quality water filtration. We take our labor very seriously, and therefore we are continuously improving our production and control processes. We carry out meticulous studies as often as possible; this way we analyze our systems in order to offer a quality water source that complies with the 2010 Water Supply Regulations.

Due to our dedication to the quality of our service, we obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation, which guarantees that we have high quality and safety processes. At Eden we also make efforts to ensure that the processes we carry out meet needed regulations.

Water coolers for companies and offices

Water coolers for companies and offices

If you are looking for a potable water solution for your office, count on Eden Springs. We will offer you the ideal dispensers for your workplace, as all of them comply with these premises: 

  • Innovation: Our dispensers are at the forefront of technological innovations, all of them have modern and elegant designs.
  • Cold and hot water: we seek to adapt to the needs of your company and, therefore, we offer you dispensers that provide both hot and cold water.
  • We are Committed to the environment: Eden Springs is very committed to preserving the environment and, therefore, we are certified as a carbon neutral company, a certification that guarantees that we offer products thinking of the environment.
Mains fed water coolers

Drinking Fountains

This solution is ideal for busy offices and many working places. We offer potable water sources that guarantee clean purified water all the time. The installation of our products is quick and free of charge, so you don't have to worry about anything else.

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