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Vitalising businesses for more than 18 years
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Eden Springs

World leader in the sector, Eden Springs UK were established in 2000. Since then Eden Springs has established itself as a leading company in the sector, offering its water and coffee solutions to more than 800,000 offices and 200,000 homes across Europe.

Eden Springs is a company with a philosophy committed to the environment and certified carbon neutral. All the natural springs we work with are local. We also work intensively in the optimisation of our routes, the bottles that we use for our water coolers are recyclable and reusable, avoiding a massive production of plastics. Our commitment to the environment is to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

A company orientated towards progress, which began as a company that supplied only water. Nowadays Eden Springs is already the leading company in water and coffee solutions for the workplace and home throughout Europe. We are constantly thinking about how to move forward and how to fulfil our clients' needs.

European Leader

Eden Springs Europe is the leading water brand for companies, with a wide range of solutions such as mineral water, mains-fed water coolers and small format water bottles. With our wide variety of coffee solutions for offices, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming the leading supplier of both water and coffee in Europe.

With a network of delegations and natural springs in 18 countries, Eden bottles distributes more than 750 million litres of water annually and serves more than half a million customers with our water and coffee solutions.

It is our mission to energise our customers in Europe with our office beverage solutions. Thanks to products that transmit energy and well-being at work, Eden helps us to take better care of ourselves every day. To learn more about our international operations, product offer, or the countries in which we operate.

If you want more information about the Eden Springs group go to www.edensprings.com

Cott Group

Since 2016, Eden Springs has been part of Cott Corporation (NYSE: COT; TSX: BCB), a diversified beverage company with the largest volume-based national presence in the bottled water delivery industry at home and at the office, in North America. European leader in customised roasted and mixed coffee services, iced tea for the food service industry of the United States and one of the largest beverage producers in the world on behalf of retailers, brand owners and distributors.

The Cott platform reaches more than 2.3 million customers or distribution points between North America and Europe, supported by facilities, strategically located, in both sales and distribution and fleets, as well as wholesalers and distributors. This allows the group to efficiently attend residences, businesses, restaurant chains, hotels, small and large retailers and health centers. For more information, see www.cott.com.


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