Primo Classic


A fantastic all-purpose bottled water cooler, with a simple look that can fit into any office environment. The Primo Classic is available in Cold & Ambient and Hot & Cold models, providing reliable and fresh Eden water for every situation.

The unique cooling probe design used ensures a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler. WaterGuard offers added protection against leaks and ensures air-borne contaminants do not enter the reservoir.

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  • Ideal for offices of 10-15 people
  • Contemporary in design, the cabinet sustains its appearance over time by repelling dirt, stains and starches.
  • Removable reservoir simplifies the sanitisation process.
  • Easy to use, simple bottle change.
  • Removable trip tray.
  • External cup holder.
Technical Details
  • Floorstanding
  • Models: Ambient & Cold or Hot & Cold
  • Color: White or Dark Grey
  • Reservoir Type: Removeable
  • Dimensions: 990mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 330mm(D)
  • Weight: 14.6kg
  • Capacity: Cold Tank 2.2L, Hot Tank 1.5L
  • Temperature: Cold 3-10ºC, Hot 82-95ºCº
  • Power Requirement: 220-240V; cold 95W, Hot 600W