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Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water Coolers Benefits

Different models
Hot, cold, sparkling water
Pure, naturally sourced water
Mains Fed Water

Mains Fed Water Coolers Benefits

Unlimited water
Hot, cold, sparkling water
Works without bottles

Why Eden Springs?

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We provide our customers the best service and flexible solutions to meet their needs. 

Inclusive Service & Support

Satisfied customers are our top priority. Our associates are always available to help. 

FREE Delivery & Installation

We offer our customers FREE, on-time, fast, and scheduled water delivery with nationwide coverage. 

A Carbon Neutral Company

We minimise our environmental impact by using renewable sources of energy, recyclable bottles, and offsetting our remaining CO2 emissions. 

Differences between HOD and POU

Difference Between a Bottled Water Cooler and Filter Cooler

Our product range includes both bottled water and mains fed coolers. We can assist you on choosing the cooler that best suits your needs. However, to have a better understanding of our available options, take a look at the difference between the two types of coolers. 

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Office water coolers in the UK

Office Water Coolers in the UK - Drinking Water Dispensers

Are you looking for a sustainable solution in potable water for your employees or clients? Look no further, we have a great choice for you. Eden Springs is a company focused on offering fresh, pure and potable water for workplaces around the country.

office Bottled water coolers

Bottled Water Coolers

Eden Springs is a market leader in drinking water solutions for companies. We offer high-quality bottled water coolers, guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. Our water is drawn from natural sources carefully selected by our group of experts. We can attest that our water sources are located in protected areas and away from any kind of pollution.

This assures you that you will enjoy superior-quality, ‘single origin’ water, free from chlorine and harmful impurities. Our water is given an extra assurance of hygienic quality by treatment with ozone, a natural and powerful disinfectant which leaves only oxygen behind- no harmful residues, or unpleasant tastes or odours.

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Plumbed in water coolers

Plumbed-In Water Coolers (Mains-Fed)

If you have access to drinking water in your office, you can opt for water coolers that are connected to your building's water network. It is an ideal solution to provide high-quality water for every worker, and all you pay is a small rental fee. Our dispensers will be connected to your water network, and thanks to their powerful filters you can drink fresh-tasting water, free from unpleasant impurities, tastes and odours. 

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Why should I buy a water cooler for my office

Why Should I Buy a Water Cooler for My Office?

You should buy a water cooler for your office because it is a perfect solution to include in any workplace, and will ensure there will always be a source of potable pure water to keep your employees hydrated all the time. Here are some advantages of using our water coolers:

  • Pure water in your office: Our water dispensers provide you with purified, high-quality and great tasting water. 
  • 100% professional service: At Eden, we serve businesses after carefully understanding their needs. Therefore, we will do our best to provide you with the best possible solution to all the drinking water needs in the office. 
  • Quick installation: We will carefully install every water dispenser in your office. Our goal is to install them in a quick, simple way avoiding disruption in your workplace. 
  • National delivery: We operate nationally, throughout mainland UK. So you can count on our water dispensers regardless of the type of business or location.
  • Environmental protection: Working with Eden is working to protect our planet - our company always seeks to use resources responsibly, fulfilling our environmental commitment. We have Carbon neutrality certifications with which we compensate our CO2 emissions. 
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    Water cooler rental

    Water Cooler Rental

    At Eden Springs, the customer is our priority. Therefore, we also offer water dispenser rentals. We adapt to your needs and, therefore, we offer you comprehensive and 100% professional service. Our team will install the dispenser and cover its maintenance, changing of filters, delivery of bottles and the periodic cleaning for hygiene purposes. In addition to that, we have a customer service so you can contact us whenever you want and we will gladly assist you. 

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    Desktop watercooler

    Desktop Water Cooler

    If you prefer a smaller, more compact water cooler, you will love the desktop watercooler. It is smaller in size and designed for companies with fewer employees. Just place the dispenser on a table or desk and offer pure and high quality water in the office. These compact coolers take up little space and are perfect for smaller workplaces. 

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    Hot & cold water dispenser

    Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

    Our water dispensers are designed to meet all kinds of needs. If you're in the mood for a refreshing glass of water to quench your thirst, opt for chilled water directly from our water coolers. If on the other hand, you want to make a coffee, tea or any other infusion, these dispensers will also provide you with hot water.

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    Boiling, chilling and sparkling water taps

    Boiling, Chilling and Sparkling Water Taps

    Edens’ Integrated Tap Systems (Water Taps) offer you greater versatility when preparing your favorite drinks. You can get purified (filtered): boiling water, cold water or sparkling water. Our smart water taps are made to meet the tastes and needs of workers - feel free to make your favourite tea on a chilly day or a refreshing drink or sparkling water on warmer, summer days. 

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    Drinking water fountains for schools, gyms & other places

    Drinking Water Fountains for Schools, Gyms & Other Places

    We also supply water coolers and water fountains to schools, gyms and any other professional spaces. We are listed on many professional frameworks such as ESPO and Scottish Excel. If you want to offer high quality, affordable pure water to your clients and workers, we are the perfect solution.

    We offer you installation, replacement, maintenance and hygiene (santisation) services at highly competitive prices, providing you with the highest quality water for schools, hospitals, gyms and basically any workplace or educational center.

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    Water cooler accessories

    Water Cooler Accessories

    At Eden, we offer you a complete service. In addition to water coolers, our company also offers a wide range of accessories such as recyclable glasses, bottle racks and compostable, biodegradable cups

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    edensprings water supplier uk

    Eden Springs - The Best Water Cooler Supplier in the UK

    Eden Springs is the leading company for drinking water solutions both for businesses. We have worked with more than 800,000 companies across Europe, providing drinking water to ensure the health and welfare of your employees. 

    Our products include water coolers, water filtration systems, integrated tap solutions and table dispensers. Our main objective is to offer pure water to you, your workers and clients. This will help you maintain a good environment at work so your employees are always hydrated and ready for work. 

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