Boiling and chilled water tap

Instant boiling water / hot water / cold water / sparkling water

The dispensers connected to the tap allow you to have water at the temperature you want: cold or hot water, boiling water or sparkling water.

Free delivery to your home

Our delivery service is free across the country. We provide a comprehensive service that includes the distribution, maintenance and an excellent customer service.

Fast and easy installation

The installation of the dispenser connected to the tap is fast and easy. Our workers will carry it out in a professional way; hassle and noise free.

Environment friendly

Our dispensers connected to the tap comply with processes that guarantee sustainability and are environmentally friendly. Eden Springs is Carbon Neutral certified, an eco-friendly certificate that guarantees the commitment of our production processes.

Different temperatures
Free delivery
Fast installation
Features boiling, chilled & sparkling water

Features: boiling, chilled & sparkling water

Eden water taps ( Integrated Tap Solutions ) offer you cold water, hot water and even carbonated water. Our water taps can supply water at any temperature instantly. Every worker will be able to enjoy our water solutions that are also adapted to their preferences: drinking water to feel fresh and renovated; hot water to prepare tea and the popular carbonated (sparkling) water. 

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Instant hot and cold water taps for your office

Instant hot and cold water taps for your office

Our water taps can offer hot and cold water. They are an economical and practical solution, using them you will forget about other kitchen appliances, such as microwaves or kettles. Our water taps will give you high quality pure water, so you can always enjoy a 100% healthy drink.