Iced Coffee OR Cold Brew Coffee? Which one do you crave?

What is the difference between Iced and Cold Brew Coffee?

Unlike regular coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat. Cold brew uses time, rather than heat to extract the coffee’s oils, sugars and caffeine.

Iced coffee is created like any regular hot coffee brew method. It’s simply hot coffee, that has been cooled down so that it can be poured over ice.

Both are relatively popular, especially in the warmer summer months because they are rather refreshing on a hot day. Also, perfect for individuals with a busy lifestyles, as an on-the-go coffee fix.

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Free Water for Fundraisers - Eden's Sponsorship Programme

Who have we helped this year?

353 Military Charity

DIY SOS – Grenfell Tower Special

Head Start – 5K and 10K Charity Fun Run

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 5K fun run

Student nurses holding a campaign to educate young students of the damage too much sugar can do

XLP City Sleep out

5-a-side competition for the Haven Centre in Blantyre

South Tyneside Ability Football Disability tournament

Troon FC sponsored backwards walk for Ayrshire Cancer support

JustTrain & Unstoppable – Raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Europe's largest Carbon Neutral water and coffee company

Eden Springs is Carbon Neutral in all 18 markets

After lots of hard work and forward thinking, 2018 has proven to be another year to celebrate Eden’s climate control efforts. We have officially been named: Europe’s largest certified Carbon Neutral water and coffee services company! This derives from the expansion of our Carbon Neutral UK, Nordics and Swiss markets, to now include all of Europe. We are proud to say that our Carbon Neutrality status covers: our products themselves, their usage for the first year, our company, and electricity too.

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Our Bottled / Mains-Fed Water Cooler Range

Which Cooler is for you?

Eden Springs have a wide ranging set of Water Coolers to suit all different businesses and domestic environments. To help you decide which one will be most suited to your needs we have explained each in detail to hopefully make that all-important decision a lot easier.

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Our Summer Offer - 4 months FREE!

Remember we are not Cacti !

It’s starting to get hot in the UK! Summer is happening right now and we’re very excited because we have 4 months FREE on all of our Bottled Water Coolers. We know how important it is for the workforce to stay hydrated because water improves concentration and therefore will increase productivity in the workplace. Why not take advantage of this offer? You’ll have an effective solution for an entire workforce, all summer long, with no cost at all.

This is important stuff, after all… WE ARE NOT CACTI !

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Coffee Machine of the week - Vitro X4 Espresso – Bean to Cup Machine

I’ve chosen the Vitro X4 Espresso as our bean to cup office coffee machine of the week because of its contemporary good looks, ease of functionality and the range of great tasting coffee it produces.

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Water Cooler of the Week: EBAC E-MAX

We start this week with our mains-fed Good Range water cooler solution, The Eden Ebac E-Max is our dependable entry-level option that has a robust, durable design suitable for all work & home environments.

There are many benefits of renting a Mains-fed water cooler, these include:

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