Coffee Machine Range
A BRAND NEW range of coffee solutions for all types of businesses

Eden offers a carefully selected range of coffee machines to provide your employees and customers with delicious coffee anytime.

We have re-grouped and improved our selection of machines narrowing it down to the KLIX ELEMENT, FLAVIA C600 and The VITRO range. By decreasing the selection of options customers only have the best choice available for their size and type of business to fit their business's needs. 

Our priority is to offer you the best possible coffee experience. That is why Eden partners with the top suppliers of coffee and coffee machines.  
We have carefully selected a range of different high-quality coffee solutions so all types of companies, small or large can serve the type of coffee that suits them. A combination of high-quality coffee, the best machines and the technical service of Eden will guarantee that special moment of pleasure, cup after cup. 

Find the KLIX ELEMENT, FLAVIA C600 and The Range of VITRO machines below. 



Through combining unique business insights and in-depth vending expertise the KLIX ELEMENT is designed for hassle-free vending solutions for each workplace. It offers a range of delicious coffees, teas, soups, snacks, specialities and cold drinks from the nation’s favourite brands, select the perfect drinks menu to suit your business's needs.

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FLAVIA C600 Coffee Machine

Our range of fresh pack drinks for the FLAVIA C600 drinks brewer gives your employees the choice to enjoy different varieties of coffee, black tea, hot chocolate and herbal teas at any moment of the day; always maintaining its freshness and consistent quality.

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VITRO Bean-To-Cup Coffee machines

The VITRO range offers different coffee solutions with and without fresh milk (MIA selections), freshly ground beans or instant coffee with a capacity of up to 60 or over 250 cups a day.

Find the machine that best suits your company's needs. 

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Distribution and Coffee Services

At Eden we supply much more than just coffee. We are your supplier of coffee and everything that goes with it. We supply you with the coffee machine, we take care of the maintenance and we are at your service every minute of the day.

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