The highest quality ingredients available

Soluble Coffee and Milk

Soluble Coffee is also known as instant coffee, there are numerous advantages to using soluble coffee and milk, including faster preparation and longer shelf life compared to fresh milk and beans.  We believe soluble coffee is underrated and pride ourselves on offering the best soluble ingredients to help your professional coffee machine create delicious tasting coffee-shop favourites.

The production of soluble coffee is a growing industry, a variety of flavours are now available and decaffeinated coffee is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on which machine you have, you will be looking at a variety of products available to make your drinks taste the best. 

Soluble Coffee Products


Café Nueva® Intenso (RFA Certified)

Intense caramel & sweet notes with a well-rounded body. Matched against one of the finest household coffee brands, who are famed for quality. Café Nueva Intenso is not only excellent in quality, but is also Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM so offers an ethical story as well!


Café Nueva® Primo (Fairtrade Certified)

Finest quality South American Fairtrade instant freeze dried coffee. Aromatic and smooth.



Café Nueva® Decaf

A great smooth drinking aromatic taste consisting of intense caramel & sweet notes with a wellrounded body and of course, reduced caffeine



Instant Milk

Instant milk nowadays is almost indistinguishable from fresh milk. The highest quality instant milk now available is freeze dried semi-skimmed, skimmed or full fat milk. It is delivered in powdered form and simply is poured into the dry ingredient canister in a soluble/ instant coffee machine. Once mixed with warm water the freeze dried milk comes to life allowing your coffee machine to manufacture coffee shop quality coffee's such as Latte and Cappuccinos with authentic microfoamed froth.