Water dispensers for offices

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We love water, and this is what we have been doing for more than 20 years across the whole of Europe. Water is the most natural source of health and vitality for your company. By offering water to your employees, it will help them to stay active and focused throughout their entire day.
For the last twenty years at Eden Springs, we have been improving the productivity and well-being of more than 800,000 European companies and their employees by providing them with the finest drinking water solutions.
With more warehouses, delivery staff and customers than any other company, Eden Springs is officially the leading supplier of water coolers in Europe. Our water solutions include a wide range of bottled water coolers, filtration systems and sports bottles.
Trust the European leader, trust Eden Springs!

Bottled water coolers for companies

Eden's bottled water coolers are the ideal solution for providing pure and healthy water to all your employees and visitors. They are very easy to use and only need a standard electrical plug. Eden offers a wide range of models of water coolers that adapt perfectly to any work environment. You can enjoy the water at room temperature, cold, hot or sparkling, depending on the water cooler model.

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Water filtration for offices

Mains fed water coolers for offices

If there is something preventing you enjoying our natural bottled water and you have access to tap water, then mains-fed water coolers are the perfect solution.

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Water accessories


Complement your Eden experience with all the accessories you need, such as glasses, bottle racks, floor mats, ...

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Distribution and services

Eden is much more than a water company, it is a service company. With us you will have all the support you need as a customer such as repairs management, regular deliveries, invoice duplicates...

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