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SlimCool is the perfect bottled water cooler for homes. Equipped with the latest technological advances and the reliability of Ebac, SlimCool becomes an ideal source of fresh water in any environment. Thanks to its ergonomic design, SlimCool is thinner than a normal water cooler, so it adapts well to any home space. Slim water cooler is available for 11L bottles only. Whether you choose to place it in your kitchen, home office, outdoor studio or even dining room, you will always have perfectly chilled, fresh water on demand, at the touch of a button.

  • Water from a spring near you
  • Environmentally friendly (bottles and water cooler are completely recyclable)
  • Easy to install, you only need a power outlet
  • Easy to use and to serve natural, cold or room temperature water
  • Flexibility in delivery times
For home
Chilled water
Ambient water
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  • Technical details
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  • Water cooler available for 11L bottles.
  • The water cooler has been designed to have easy access to the water, the drip tray is adjustable which allows the filling of bottles and jugs.
  • SlimCool is thinner than a normal water cooler, thus adapting to any work environment or in any home.
  • To offer the customer a range of products and reduce the costs of a damaged source, SlimCool is designed with panels that can be changed quickly.
  • Sanitation service on demand. In order to obtain a safe and easy sanitization, all the parts that are in contact with water are not cleaned but are replaced by new ones. With this step we obtain 100% safe hygiene and in just a few minutes. 
Technical details

Capacity: Ambient and Cold 1.5l

Temeprature: Cold 6°C

Reservoir Type: removible Water Trail 2.2l

Power: 230V; 50HZ

Refrigerant: thermoelectric

Weight: 12,5 kg

Dimensions: 30 cm (w), 30 com (d), 95,5 cm (h)

Electricity consumption: 55W