Eden water: Better for the environment

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Eden Springs water is a convenient and ecological choice when you want access to fresh water, and now you can find out how we're helping reduce our environment impact.


The water in our bottled water coolers is sourced locally within each major area, as close to the final destination as possible and not tranported over large distances, whereas our plumbed-in water coolers eliminate the environmental impact of the water extraction, transportation and packaging.

Efficient water delivery, big planetary savings

Eden Springs carbon offset imageCompared to PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate), the most commonly used plastic for water bottles, Eden Springs helps our average bottled cooler customer save 320kg of Co2e emissions and 4,921MJ of non-renewable energy each and every year. In comparison to PET bottles, the C02 emissions all our customers save each year would need enough trees to cover the entire area of Denmark to offset!

Eden water delivery saving

Our water delivery is efficient, with customers requiring on average six deliveries a year, with routes designed for minimal fuel consumption.


eden-water-bottle-lifeOur water bottles have a long, reusable lifecycle – usually one Eden bottle is used 50 times, delivering 950 litres of water. If all the water we delivered each year was delivered in individual 1ltr bottles it would need 240 million bottles, yet we use just 368,000 water cooler bottles a year. That's quite a saving in materials and energy for the planet.

Find out more

Eden Springs are also making great strides in becoming carbon neutral. For full details view our new interactive Eden and the environment page