Fully Managed vending machine services
Why Choose FMS?

Vending with confidence and convenience. With over 20 years’ experience providing water and coffee solutions to businesses across the UK Eden Springs have built a reputation around service and product quality. Use our Fully Managed Service and let us take away all the hassle associated with providing your visitors, customers and staff with a high quality, reliable and easy to use hot and cold drinks solution.

Vending machine Service KLIX

Fully Managed Service KLIX

Our Fully Managed Service is available on the KLIX Outlook – Pay Only For Drinks

  • No Separate Maintenance Bills
  • No Separate Lease or Rental
  • No Capital Outlay
  • No Hassle

By using our expertise you can tick all of these off your to do list, and concentrate your time and money where it counts.

vending machine hire

It can't get any simpler or easier!

We will:

  • Arrange regular fills of the machine to ensure drinks are always available
  • Regularly review the range of drinks in your machine to meet customer demand
  • Clean  the machine to manufacturer’s standards on every fill for you
  • Remove, count and bank all the cash in the machine (you set the vending price!)
  • Credit the proceeds from the machine against your account

All of this included in your price per drink – it can’t get any simpler or easier!

Just think of the saving in staff hours alone - It just makes sense!

We can also arrange a free Fully Managed Service to your snack, confectionery and soft drinks machines.

For more information:

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