The Storm water cooler is a new, innovative Eden product that presents an ergonomic and comfortable approach to bottle replacement. The water bottle is not placed as in the traditional way, on top of the water cooler, but on the bottom of the machine hidden with its sliding cover. This new bottom-load feature means the end of lifting heavy bottles: simply open the front door and the bottle will slide into the base of the cooler with little effort. You can enjoy fresh spring water in your office without carrying a bottle.

  • LED lighting
  • Low water level indicator 
  • Large space under the water dispenser - easier pouring water into carafes and tall glasses
  • Sliding front cover
Cold water
Hot Water
Ambient water
Free delivery
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  • Technical details
Find out more
  • Duo: Ambient / Cold or Hot / Cold option
  •  Unique cabinet with sliding front door
  •  External cup holder
  • Hot tap models feature a child safety mechanism
  • Bottle change indicator
Technical details

Water: cold / at room temperature

Cold water capacity: 2.8 l / min

Tank: stainless steel

Power supply: 20V

Refrigerant: R134a

Weight: 14.5 kg

Size: 32 cm (w) x 34 cm (d) x 111,6 cm (h)