Are you putting yourself to the test to raise money for charity?

We are giving away free cases of 24 packs of bottled water to UK fundraisers. That’s free water for the runners, the bakers and the do-gooders. Whatever your event, and whatever your charity, we want to help your day run smoothly.

So far we have provided 70,000 bottles of water to fundraisers around the UK. So, whether you are going to run a marathon, sit in a bath full of spiders, or head for the top of Everest, Eden Springs would like to help you stay hydrated. If you’re interested, simply follow the instructions below and then send us an email to apply.


Free Bottled Water for UK Charity Fundraisers
How to apply

We deliver cases of 24 handy sized 500ml bottles of great tasting Eden Water to your work address absolutely free. *See Terms of Offer

To be considered for our free water for fundraisers initiative you must first add our fundraising badge to your Website, Blog or Fundraising Page to help promote the offer.

How to add our fundraising badge:

Either follow the instructions below to copy and paste the badge, or use the HTML code on your site.

If you have a VirginMoneyGiving blog you can follow these instructions. Please note the link to the badge is old, therefore please use this updated link:

To copy and paste our fundraisers badge:

  1. Right-click on the badge below and select 'copy' or press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. 
  2. Go to your page, right click and 'paste' or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard. 










Copy and paste the HTML, please select the code below:

<a href="" title="Eden Springs water and coffee machines">
    <img src="" alt="Eden Springs water and coffee machines" border="0">
    <a href="" title="Eden Springs water and coffee machines">Eden Springs Water Coolers</a> & <a href="">Coffee Machines</a>


Once you have added our badge...


Please then send us an email which outlines clearly:

  • The date of your event
  • The amount of bottles you are hoping for
  • The Charity that you are fundraising for
  • The nature of your event

This email should be sent to:


Once your water donation has been confirmed and delivered:


Please either share photos of your event through social media and tag Eden Springs, or send us photos of the event directly so that we can see how the event went.


Please make sure that you recycle all of our water bottles once they have been used!