We are CarbonNeutral®

The first water supplier in Europe to achieve this certification, 10 years ago.

We are very proud to have achieved the triple certification CarbonNeutral®:

Carbon Neutral Company


It certifies that all emissions derived from our business in Europe have been offset.

CarbonNeutral Products


It certifies that our small water bottles, cups and fountains are neutral in CO2 emissions.

Carbon Neutral Electricity


It certifies that 100% of the electricity used in our facilities comes from renewable energies.

Minimising our carbon footprint is a daily job

Reuse and recycling of our bottles


More than 500 million single-use 1L plastic bottles were potentially saved during 2022 thanks to reuse. *Before being recycled our bottles are reused multiple times. We want a healthier planet and a sustainable future, and this wouldn't be possible without our customers' commitment. We cannot thank you enough. *Based on our annual water consumption across the 17 European countries in which we have presence


Since 2010, Eden Springs has been improving its environmental impact by measuring and reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the maximum.

Agua de manantiales locales

Water brought from local natural sources


Eden Springs works with different natural sources located in different parts of the country to always guarantee the best quality water and controlling CO2 emissions.

Optimización de rutas de reparto

Optimisation of delivery routes


We look for the best delivery routes to minimise the use and frequency of our vehicles and thus cause the least possible impact on the environment.



Minimising the use of transportation to optimise delivery routes and the frequency of use of all transportation vehicles is one of the energy efficiency initiatives that we have taken from Eden Springs.

Uso de electriciad 100% renovable

Use of 100% renewable electricity


All of our offices and warehouses run on 100% renewable electricity. We check the equivalent amount of green energy to offset our electricity consumption.


Likewise, our water dispensers have the Energy Star certification that guarantees low energy consumption.

Uso de herramientas digitales

Use of digital tools


We promote the use of the online area for the client, as well as other digital tools for our clients such as online customer service, digital invoices, order management to minimise the use of paper.


In our offices, we encourage the disposal of glasses and containers in specific containers for recycling purposes, in addition to recycling and minimising the use of paper through our digital tools.

These are some of our CarbonNeutral® certified products:

New Eden Bio Cups

New Eden Bio Cups

Discover a simple way to take care of the planet: EDEN BIO, our 100% biodegradable and compostable cups.

They are composed of more than 95% paper and a 100% recyclable coating capable of containing liquid. This way it can be disposed in the container for paper.

 Reconditioned machines

Reconditioned machines

• Respectful with the environment since they maximise the life of each unit and its components.
• Appearance and operation equivalent to that of a new machine.
• Tested to ensure that each machine is 100% reliable.
• Full repair warranty for the entire duration of the contract.