The World’s First Disposable Coffee Machine Has Arrived



Danish designer Ulrik Rasmussen innovated the instant coffee world recently with his revolutionary disposable coffee machine, giving caffeine addicts across the globe the possibility of access to quality coffee on the go for the very first time. This nifty new invention combines coffee and cutting-edge design, resulting in a pouch with the power to change the instant coffee game for good. This fantastic five-minute brew is an absolute game-changer for outdoor cuisine, with hikers, runners, cyclists, skiers and all kinds of fitness fans an all-new way to get that caffeine boost on the move.  

The Grower's Cup - CoffeeBrewer

The Grower’s Cup system is as simple as it is ground-breaking. Described by the man himself as a disposable French press, the Coffeebrewer is made from PE-coated paper and a filter material like the kind used to make rice bags. Gourmet coffee lovers might think there’s no way that a system this simple couldn’t possible have superior results - but this one-of-a-kind brewing system preserves your coffee’s natural oils, enhancing both the flavour and the aroma, achieving one particularly beautiful brew. The coffee you’ll find inside the Grower’s Cup is far from substandard too. The range includes Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ethiopia and Guatemala, each more scrumptious than the last, and each one boasting its own unique aroma - meaning this offbeat invention makes no sacrifices on the quality front. Each bag makes two cups of coffee when using 300ml of water, with the ground beans held in a special filter the water pours through. Pretty neat. If you’re ready to make the magic happen, here’s how you can get in on the instant coffee action:  


Open the top of the Coffeebrewer from one side to the other, then pull out the red string and shape the bottom of the bag so it’ll stand upright.


Pour in half a litre of hot water, close the zipper in the top and brew for 5-6 minutes.  

The Grower's Cup



Widen the Coffeebrewer’s pour spout and simply pour your gourmet coffee into the receptacle of your choice. It’s clear that this disposable coffee machine has redefined the term ‘instant coffee’, and now that coffee this good has been made this easy, we can safely say that Ulrik Rasmussen makes one mighty fine cuppa. At Eden Springs, there’s nothing we love more than eco-efficient coffee solutions - and this Coffeebrewer certainly fits the bill. We’re committed to the environment, providing offices throughout the UK with eco-friendly coffee machines and water coolers to keep you and your employees caffeinated and hydrated all day long.