Why it pays for your workforce to be happy

Health & Well Being at Work


When your workforce is unhappy they will certainly not work to the limit of their capabilities and this will show in their interactions with each other, customers and suppliers, which will eventually reduce sales and hit profit levels. Where employers encourage a happy workforce business will boom. Unhappy workers breed an atmosphere where other workers will be affected by the environment. A worker who doesn’t enjoy their job may not turn up for work every day when they are required and eventually they will produce lower quality work which will reflect upon the company’s results. As their commitment falls, so does the creativity and their productivity. Many people love their work It would be wrong to think that the majority of people don’t enjoy their workplace, colleagues and the work they are paid for. Just like a person would always prefer a great personal relationship at home, being healthy in both body and mind and with great reasons for living, this will reflect upon how they see their work. The demands of modern day living provides a high level of stress, be it personal or financial and where an employee is unhappy before they have arrived at work, only a great workplace and team will be able to revive their attitude during their working hours. It is the manager or the supervisor who must learn and understand about all of their employee’s individual personalities, so that a fall in performance is not the first sign of a person being unhappy in their work. A skilled manager will see a problem at the very early stages and do all that they can to make the workplace a happy area, even though they may not be able to solve problems in the individual’s home or lifestyle. Feeling worthwhile Where management are able to instil a consistent feeling that employees are valued within the organisation, there is a higher expectation that those individuals will feel that the work they are creating has a good meaning and worth to the business. Although financial compensation is not the answer to every problem, if your employees don’t earn sufficient funds to be able to pay their regular bills, they will always be working in a stressful situation because whatever they do cannot ever be enough for their income to exceed their expenses. A business will ensure that the relationships between individuals in a company are healthy and trustworthy, which will promote a high level of openness and teamwork rather than fear and a reluctance to comply with company standards. Stress is a difficult emotion and illness to manage and the company that causes its employers to have high levels of stress will see people away from their workstations, spending too much time at their doctors and their performance levels will gradually decrease. Where a business is able to encourage their employees to be healthy in the workplace, with fitness regimens and helping people with what they eat, individuals will generally be much happier in all that they do and know that everyone within the organisation is heading towards a similar goal. A happy workforce will enjoy living within a community that is their business. When a customer visits your organisation or conducts business with it, they will feel your community atmosphere and your willingness to provide the best possible service to your customers and suppliers will result in higher profit levels and increase sales and help you attract the right people compared to your competitors. And don't forget how important providing essentials like water and little perks like coffee can be as part of creating a happy workforce. Why It Pays For Your Workforce To Be Happy Image: jessicatam