Sleeping on the Job: Would You Nap in the Nutshell?

Health & Well Being at Work


It’s a phenomenon as controversial as it is intriguing: the Nutshell napping pod. Pitched as ‘a pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking,’ this new invention not only allows you to sleep on the job but actually encourages it. The Nutshell was designed by Eden Lew, an MFA student at New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA), who states that it’s all about ‘promoting the psychological benefits of solitude.’ Although a sale date for the Nutshell has not yet been confirmed, people are already getting excited about the prospect of a workday nap.

Image courtesy of Eden Lew / Image courtesy of Eden Lew /


Get snug and take a snooze

The Nutshell is a collapsible, wearable product that allows you to enjoy a quick snooze in the workplace. The portable pod provides the wearer with a few moments of privacy to refuel their brain and refresh for the remainder of the day. Worn like an everyday scarf, the Nutshell simply wraps around the wearer's neck and gives them the space to refocus without any standard workplace distractions. Lew’s design is suitable for all ages and sizes and offers instant access to an isolated environment when the working day is particularly stressful or tiring.  

The benefits of napping

In our post on coffee naps, we discussed how fitting a power nap into the workday can help you and your staff become more productive - and the Nutshell provides the perfect space for you to snooze in private. An article by the NHS claims that energy slumps in the workplace most commonly occur around 2:16pm - and with studies proving that fatigue at work can be a genuine hazard, a power nap might be the ideal solution. If employees aren’t alert as they need to be to perform safely and effectively, this can lead to unnecessary accidents - but a 20 minute nap could potentially eliminate that risk.

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Do we need the ‘Nutshell’?

While taking a nap in the office sounds like the perfect way to get us through the working day, is it something we really need? In an environment where social interaction and productivity are key to creating a successful team, there is an argument that the Nutshell might have the adverse effect - actually encouraging isolation as a result. If you’d rather power through the working day nap-free, there are other ways to help your staff stay energised. By staying hydrated all day, we can keep our minds and bodies alert and minimise the need for napping. So, would you welcome the Nutshell into your workplace? If the Nutshell isn’t for you, there are more traditional ways to help your team recharge throughout the working day. Invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly coffee machines or water coolers to help your employees stay awake, alert and hydrated all day long.