Run with Mark: 50 Marathon Runner Won't Go Thirsty

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Mark drinks sports fuel with Eden Springs

Marathon runners really need those little way stations where they can rehydrate at various parts of the race, but what if you were running 50 marathons? How much water would you need then? When runners sweat, they lose salt, sugar and water - the more they lose, the less efficient they become. But runners can solve this by drinking before dehydration becomes dangerous. Luckily for Mark Cooper, aka Run with Mark, who started a programme at the beginning of May to run 50 marathons in just over 50 days, he won't have to worry about becoming dehydrated. Eden Springs has agreed to supply all the water he needs and to contribute to his charity marathon campaign through our Free Water for Fundraisers programme. (Let's face it; if Mark's running 50 marathons, he'll probably need those 1,000 cases of bottled water.)

Help for fundraising runner

Mark, who's 27, began his 1,300 mile endurance run at the start of May and will run through Holland, Belgium, France and Spain. He's raising funds for Headway Group,  a charity which assists people and carers affected by traumatic brain injury. Mark aims to raise L25,000 and so far has raised just over L12,000.  At the time of writing Mark had completed 17 of the 50 marathons and was feeling good. If you want to see how Mark's doing with his campaign or add your own contribution to his charity fund, you can find him on the RunWithMark site or on Twitter and Facebook. And don't forget to check out our free water programme for your own fundraising efforts.