Productivity Psychology: the Flexible Office Phenomenon

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21st century office spaces are much more than a building to house your workforce during office hours. As employers and business owners are embracing productivity trends, offices are evolving from mere work stations into hubs of optimal output - designed with motivation in mind. And the key here isn’t to cultivate faddy initiatives or distract from the work itself, but to reinvent the workplace for the better. If your office needs a shake-up and you’re ready to take the leap into your business’s future, it’s time for a new floor plan. But first, let’s look into the psychology factor with the help of the office space experts at Instant Offices.  

Open Plan = Open Door

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“An open-plan office encourages an open-door policy. Senior members of staff appear more approachable when they’re not hidden away in an office. This can be a great way of encouraging dialogue and innovation.” By eliminating physical barriers between employees and their superiors, you’re giving your workforce the freedom to communicate without unnecessary filters and obstacles. Implementing an open office plan creates fluid communication channels among your employees - which, in turn, maximises office productivity. With workers feeling free to share their opinions and ideas with senior members of staff, your employees will demonstrate improved initiative and overall job satisfaction - all of the ingredients for bigger, better output.  

The Isolation Station

“Private pods are ideal for those who need to focus, or take a confidential phone call. Room layout can be easily adjusted within serviced offices, so including a few private pods could be a real asset to your business.” Equally, providing your employees with isolated work spaces where necessary is key to accommodating their working needs. Solitude is an essential factor for employee productivity, making it particularly important to offer your workers smaller, more confined areas for privacy and focus. With flexible offices open to interpretation and customisable on an individual basis, employers can mix and match as they like - guaranteeing that all employee needs are met, with an ideal work station for any given task.  

The Business Breakout

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“Most flexible office providers often have shared break-out areas, which provide a space for staff to relax, have lunch or hold an informal meeting away from the office. These break-out areas can include anything from a rooftop terrace to an employee lounge. These break-out areas have often been given lots of design consideration too, from funky rooftop terraces with fantastic views, to comfortable executive business lounges.” Offering your employees a place to take a well-earned break guarantees their health and happiness. Unique break-out areas are a major consideration for today’s employers, with innovative business owners designing and implementing creative spaces to complement the offices themselves. Instead of a standard coffee table and vending machine combo, get inventive and give your staff a place that offers something different - like a cutting-edge employee lounge or makeshift picnic garden. These exciting new approaches to break spots offer a change of scenery and some mental stimulation on top. If you’re ready to embrace the modern office space and get down to details, Eden Springs can provide the refreshments. We provide businesses throughout the UK with eco-friendly office coffee machines and water coolers, helping to keep your employees happy and hydrated all day long. Or if you want the complete formula for office productivity, we’ve written the book on it.