Our 2018 Summer Offer - 4 months FREE!

Remember we are not Cacti !

It’s starting to get hot in the UK! Summer is happening right now and we’re very excited because we are offering al new customers 4 months FREE rental on all of our Bottled Water Coolers, all you need to pay for is your bottled water. We know how important it is for the workforce to stay hydrated. Water improves concentration and therefore will help increase productivity in your workplace. Why not take advantage of this offer? You’ll have an effective solution for an entire workforce, all summer long, with no cost at all.

You can choose any of our bottled water coolers from our Good, Better, Best range below and you’ll receive 4 months free rental. Just call 0844 800 3344 to enquire.


Eden Fleet


Eden Desktop




Eden Oasis Graphite



Why not take a read of our Energising Water Infusions E-Book for more inspiration to stay hydrated https://www.edensprings.co.uk/blog/energising-water-infusions-eden-kafevend