OASIS Water Cooler 4 Months Free
Eco Friendly Cup Range
18.5 Litre Bottles
Bottle Rack Storage


Elegant & Durable Eden Oasis Graphite

This sleek bottled water cooler is attractive, reliable and provides a supply of great tasting Eden water. With models that can provide both hot and cold water according to your needs, these coolers are sure to be an asset in any office, meeting room or reception.

Bottled Water
Ambient Water Option
Cold Water Option
Hot Water Option
Scheduled Water Delivery
Free Delivery
Free Installation
Bottles Reused up to 50 times
Duo: Ambient / Cold or Hot / Cold options
Robust design
Stylish graphite cabinet
Regular scheduled sanitisation
Clean, fresh drinking water
Easy bottle changes
External cup holder
Easy to remove drip tray
Technical Specification
Chilled Water Output - 5.22ltr - 5.87ltr per hour
Hot Water Output - 5.22ltr per hour
Reservoir Type - Fixed
Sanitisation - Regular scheduled sanitisation
Water Temperature - Chilled: 3-10ºC Hot: 86-93ºC
Cup Dispenser Type - External
Power - Chilling: 95W Heating: 600W (Typical)
Dimensions (mm) - 340 (w) x 330 (d) x 965 (h)
Height excluding water bottle