Oroeco App: How Big Are Your Carbon Feet?



The term “carbon footprint” has been a major buzz word in recent years, with growing pressure on both organisations and individuals to reduce their environmental impact. The question raised, however, is how exactly does one measure their carbon footprint? There are numerous apps already on the market which provide advice and tips aimed at reducing your carbon footprint based on your activities. However, these have received a lukewarm reception thus far, with users failing to use them on a regular basis as part of their daily life. Software developer Oroeco has created an app specifically to address this problem. The Oroeco app uses data from the Mint personal finance app to monitor each user’s spending data and purchases, automatically calculating their carbon impact based on their spending. oroeco


The data is then presented back to users in an easy-to-understand graph, showing users exactly what impact they are having on the environment. One problem faced by competing apps is the inability to sustain interest. In order to tackle this, the Oroeco app introduces social media into the app. Users are able to share their carbon footprint with their friends and compete with each other in a “who is the greenest?” challenge. Oroeco also plan on running competitions with environmentally friendly prizes to help users further reduce their carbon footprint at home. One nifty feature of the Oroeco app is the ability to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets at the touch of a button. This means that if you’re in the red one month, you can soothe your environmental conscience by donating your money to carbon negative organisations. With apps like this becoming more readily available, and more prominent in the mainstream, we’re happy to see that society seems to be taking a welcome step into the world of green living. With the help of Oroeco’s social media functionality, we should only continue to see environmental awareness infiltrate the public consciousness – and our collective carbon footprint decrease along with it. At Eden Springs, we take our commitment to the environment seriously, which is why we were the first Carbon Neutral certified water cooler supplier in the UK. We care about our planet and admire the innovation of apps like Oroeco, as we’re also dedicated to providing our customers with environmentally friendly products, via our water and coffee solutions. Since 2007, we have even implemented an ecological program designed to reduce CO2 emissions – and encourage the rest of the industry to follow in our carbon neutral footsteps. If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly office products with the power to minimise your own carbon footprint, Eden Springs can help. Our range of environmentally-conscious water coolers and coffee machines are the ultimate green addition to any office, helping you to fulfil your commitment to the environment – and stay gloriously hydrated all day long.