The Office Watering Hole: A Hub of Productivity

Health & Well Being at Work


Why Face-To-Face Water Cooler Moments Will Improve Your Productivity

Once considered the hiding place for employees taking an extended lunch break or catching up on personal gossip, managers are now realising that water coolers are an essential investment for any office. Besides the obvious health benefits – which aren’t to be ignored – research has indicated that the humble water cooler can act as a meeting point, forming a hub of office productivity.


Zebras at waterhole Image by Joachim Huber


Much like a watering hole on the plains of the Serengeti brings all kinds of animals and exotic creatures together, in an office, the water cooler acts as a hotspot for employee interaction. At the watering hole, lions and zebras meet side by side, both agreeing to mutual peace (however temporary this may be!). In an office environment, the water cooler levels the playing field, where everyone from CEOs to interns can meet to quench their thirst and discuss work. Formal meetings create an unnatural environment for human interaction, and their cold and sterile nature can negatively impact your employee’s ability to respond to questions or actively participate. Studies have shown that water coolers act as a venue for ‘micro-meetings’, whereby employees interact and exchange information without even realising they’re doing it. In fact, the information exchanged in these informal and quick ‘chats’ is often more valuable than that exchanged in a board-room meeting. This is due to the fact that employees can become anxious in formal environments – productivity and creativity are maximised when your employees are relaxed and stress free. To some extent, having a water cooler in the office even keeps your employees more active – it’s alarming the number of office workers who don’t leave their desk during the day. Having a water cooler gives them a chance to get away for a minute, stretch their legs and refresh their mind, boosting their productivity.


Approximately 60% of our body’s mass is made up of water, proving it’s essential that we keep well hydrated. In fact, nearly 75% of our brain is made up of water, and research has established a clear link between hydration and our ability to think clearly. If this percentage dips by even a small amount, our brains simply cannot function as efficiently. Scientific research has proven that dehydration has a serious negative affect on our ability to concentrate on tasks. Dehydration has also been proven to impact on our short-term memory, and the more dehydrated we are, the less effectively we are able to recall our thoughts. Have you ever lost your train of thought at work? Perhaps it’s time for a trip to the water cooler. So what are you waiting for? Give your office a healthy boost of productivity with a new water cooler. Eden Springs is the leading water cooler supplier in the UK. Check out our website to view our extensive range of water coolers and coffee machines.