New Eden Unlimited plumbed-in water cooler



Why limit yourself?

It's new,  it's sleek and it's the best way to get fresh water without a hefty price tag. The new Eden Unlimited mains water cooler from Eden Springs is the best way to have a mains water cooler at a set price. The stylish cooler is slim enough to fit in almost any space (Floorstanding Dimensions: (WxDxH) 34x32x120cm), and uses our exclusive 3M/Brita Eden Filter system. This new cooler is better than ever, giving you hygienic, purified and chilled water using recyclable technology. And because it's plumbed-in, you it filters and chills your regular mains water supply.

Unlimited drinking water

Our Eden Unlimited plumbed in water cooler is available in versions providing  cold, hot and ambient temperature water, and has a capacity of 20 litres in its stainless steel tanks. A cup dispenser is built in, just in case you need it. Our mains water cooler rental plans start from L25.50 a month, which means you get fresh, natural water on demand for less than L1 per day. Eden Unlimited is a great solution for your office or home.