Keep It Light campaign promotes hydration through pee?

Health & Well Being at Work


Keep It LightDid you know that the colour of your wee could help you tell if you are drinking enough water? That's the message from the Keep It Light campaign, promoted by five time Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave and Juice Doctor.  The campaign aims to help people find out more about the benefits of good hydration – something that's close to our hearts here at Eden Springs – and the disadvantages of dehydration.

A Hydration Barometer

It seems that the lighter the shade of your urine, the more hydrated you are, while the darker it is, the more dehydrated you are, making you prone to suffer from headaches, poor concentration, lethargy and a desire to over-eat. Recent research shows that some 96 per cent of UK office workers are habitually dehydrated - and 93 per cent don't check the colour of their urine and wouldn't know what it meant if they did.  The campaign aims to reverse this, encouraging people to make a quick check when they visit the loo so they will know immediately if they need to drink more water.

Well Being At Work

Eden have actually been promoting better workplace hydration through our Well Being at Work programme for quite some time and there's a good reason for that. Research also suggests that dehydration can cut productivity for 83.5 per cent of office workers. The answer: drink more water. Whether you are drinking from the bottled water cooler in your office or sipping plumbed in water at home, getting the right amount of water is key. We even provide a hydration calculator to help you ensure you're drinking enough, so there's no need to regularly check the colour of your pee! Sir Steve Redgrave comments: “Improving hydration habits is an easy way to improve performance in everyday life. It’s the same message for athletes, taxi drivers, office workers and busy mums alike.”