How to Create the Ultimate Office Den



Gone are the days of sad cubicles, bright fluorescent light rails and undecorated white walls, where office spaces were designed to provide as little distraction as possible. Today, corporate giants like Google, Red Bull and General Motors are proving that unconventional workspaces actually simulate creativity and innovation, resulting in happy, devoted and hardworking employees. This way of thinking also applies to the areas of the office where employees head for a well-deserved break – with employers realising that offbeat breakout areas are the secret to sky-high productivity. If your office is in need of a motivation max out, we’ve compiled some of the most effective office den designs out there.

Relaxation: the office breakroom

Most offices will already have a break room. No matter what your business, breaks offer your employees a chance to relax and recharge. Traditionally, the break room will feature the office fridge, a notice board, a big lunch table and a small kitchen – and, more often than not, the all-important coffee machine. In most offices, coffee is the lifeblood of an energised workforce. In fact, studies have shown that productivity plummets when the coffee runs out – so don’t skimp on the office coffee machines, whatever you do. EdenOfficeDen2

Peace and quiet: a room for distraction-free hard work

With flexi-time working and interchangeable workstations becoming increasingly common in today’s offices, more and more employees are seizing the chance to work the way they want. This creative approach to office layouts makes it easier to find a space free of distractions and primed for productivity. Creating a ‘quiet room’ designed for minimal distractions gives your team the opportunity to isolate themselves in the name of ultimate efficiency.

Office meetings: the conference room

The office conference room has been an office staple for years and provides a space designed with strategy in mind. As the conference room will be frequently visited by guests from outside the office, you’ll want it to reflect your company. Meetings can often run a lot longer than anticipated – so comfortable chairs are a big plus here, and putting a water cooler in your conference room will offer constant H2O access to keep hydration levels where they should be. So stock up on a water cooler for increased productivity during meetings. There are so many ways to optimise your office for peak performance – and it’s often the finer details that make the biggest difference. Introducing office art injects personality into the office and helps to inspire creativity in your employees, while plants bring life to an office environment and purify the air in the process. The options are practically limitless, so it’s all about choosing the layout that works for your business.   If you’re ready to turn your office into a certified hydration station, you’ve come to the right place. At Eden Springs, our eco-friendly office coffee machines and water coolers help your employees to stay happy and hydrated all day long – take a look at the full range now to optimise your office.