Going green: five things you can do today



As a Carbon Neutral and low-carbon company we're committed to recycling and being as 'green' as possible. It's easier than ever to live a green lifestyle, but what can you do, beyond turning off lights and recycling, to show you're serious about protecting the environment? 1. Greener spending You can choose where to spend your money so why not spend it with companies who have made a commitment to greener business? Check out companies' eco-credentials, looking for sustainability, carbon neutrality, recycling and a public commitment to protecting the environment. Buying from a green company will help them with their environmental aims and you will feel better about doing your bit. (Need we mention that Eden Springs is the greenest water cooler rental company around?) 2. Green your media carbon neutral water As part of going greener, you can decide to change the way you consume media. Read papers online instead of buying physical copies. Companies like Eden Springs also allow you to manage your business and invoices online so you don't need to leave a paper trail behind you. When it comes to music and films, there are options there too. You can use a streaming service to catch up on films and internet radio for music. And you can even support artists and filmmakers who make the environment a priority. 3. Dress in green (not really!) What about taking a greener approach to your closet? Just like we reuse water cooler bottles again and again (up to 50 times) for different customers, there's no reason why many people can't get use out of the same clothes. In the UK the charity shop is a national institution and some of them are a cut above your average thrift store. These are great places to find a unique and stylish wardrobe at a fraction of the price of something new - and with vintage clothing on its way back you will be in the height of fashion too. 4. Get environmental near you You can take practical 'green' steps in your own town or city. Instead of tut-tutting when you see litter on the ground, walk around with a couple of plastic bags and pick it up. Start a regular clean-up group in your area - it's a great way to make it more beautiful for everyone and to meet some neighbours too. 5. Travel green Finally, consider how your travel habits effect the planet. Our office water delivery routes are painstakingly planned using clever technology to be as fuel and energy efficient as possible, and the same mindset can be applied to everyday travel. Perhaps take public transport, cycle or walk to work, and consider whether you really need to jump in the car for that journey down the road.