EPDWA now the European Drinking Water Cooler Association



Eden Springs are proud members of the European Point-of-use Drinking Water Assocation (EPDWA), which has now been renamed the European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA). The EDWCA helps to maintain high standards within the European point-of-use water cooler market – more commonly referred to as the plumbed-in or mains-fed water cooler market. The new name is designed to better reflect the more widely-used terms for this area of the drinking water industry, removing some of the misunderstanding caused by the 'point-of-use' water cooler name that is largely only used by those within the water cooler business. The alteration of the name will not make any major difference to the regulatory body's function, and they will continue to ensure the quality standards of accredited water cooler companies such as Eden Springs UK. The EDWCA have said:

Although as an association we have now formally included Bottled and Boxed Water, the EDWCA will of course continue to promote first and foremost the development of the fast growing POU business everywhere.

Plumbed-in Water Coolers

The plumbed-in or mains-fed water cooler industry has seen significant growth over the last decade as businesses with large numbers of employees or minimal storage space for bottles look to find a cost-effective hydration solution. Plumbed water coolers take water directly from your mains supply, meaning chilled water without the need for bottle delivery. For a FREE no obligation quote call our customer services team  on 0844 800 3344 or complete our online quote form.