Eden Quality - Not Just Water Cooler Chat


For Eden Springs, talking about the quality of Eden Water is not just more water cooler chat – we're fanatical about quality. That's just one of the reasons we're members of the British Water Cooler Association. Our membership is your guarantee that we focus on quality, safety and looking after the environment when providing your water cooler.  Being a BWCA member keeps us on our toes, and that's just where we want to be. This is their mission:

To ensure the attainment of the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and ethical conduct in the water cooler Industry through unimpeachable products and services supplied by Members to their customers, in full recognition of the Industry’s environmental responsibilities.

Confirmed water cooler quality

To carry it out the BWCA confirms the quality of our water sources and bottling plants, the maintenance and sanitisation of our water coolers, our staff training processes and programmes, and our eco-friendly practices. The BWCA also carries out auditing and inspection through independent providers (there's no fooling them, not that we would want to!). So what does this mean for you? You can be sure that we have well trained staff for every step of the water collection, bottling and water cooler installation process. Our staff know about hygiene to make sure  you get a safe, quality product that complies with all national standards. You know that we're up to date with recycling of coolers, bottles, cups and packaging, so using our water coolers remains an eco-friendly option. We've also signed up for a rigorous code of practice and code of advertising which keeps us honest, so everything we say about our water is the truth and you can continue to enjoy healthy bottled water with no worries.