Do More By Doing Less: Boost Productivity By Taking A Breather

Office Management


In a world where the 9-5 working life is no longer the norm, it’s a common assumption that late nights in the office and working through our weekends helps us get more done - but what if the opposite is actually true? Stewart Friedman, the Practice Professor of Management at the Wharton School, has explored the concept of achieving more by working less - revealing his findings in a recent publication.  

The four way focus

Friedman argues that, by keeping the different areas of our lives separate, we’re actually being less productive. Bringing together our four areas of focus - work, home, community and self - may actually allow us to concentrate more on what matters, even if that’s not always our job. Removing barriers from our lives is what Friedman argues is fundamental to productivity. In the working world, it’s easy to become obsessed with dates, times and deadlines. While these are essential to ensure work is delivered, the way we approach them often leads to negative output. By combining the four areas of our lives and allowing them to influence each other, we can ensure maximum results.   legs-434918_1280  

Changes produce positive results

With results recorded in his book, Total Leadership, Friedman’s research team studied 300 business professionals and discovered that a more well-rounded work-life balance led to increased performance in all aspects of life.Friedman suggests following three key steps for increased productivity:

  1. Scale down your goals. Reduce your risk of failure by breaking down your goals into more manageable tasks.
  2. Inform those around you. By letting the people around you know any changes you’re making to your schedule, they can not only amend their plans but also help to keep you on track. Whether it’s your personal or working life, agreeing a schedule will help you increase productivity.
  3. Measure the impact. While downing tools may seem like a selfish act, you can justify your new behaviour by measuring the results - looking for a positive impact on your long-term productivity.


How does less input actually create more output?

  • By focusing on the things that really matter, your time is put to better use
  • Including those around you in your plan means maximum productivity for everyone
  • Less time spent on distractions results in less time being wasted
  • Success in one area can lead to success across the board. For example, confidence in your personal life becomes evident in your job - thus leading to confidence in the workplace.

The limitations we face in regards to our work and home-life productivity are often caused by barriers we put in place ourselves - causing unnecessary stress and consequently stopping us  from making the most of our time. As we begin to embrace a more relaxed approach to work, it can benefit those around us - as we feel positive about the work we do, reducing stress and anxiety and ultimately improving the quality of work we produce.  

Water, water, everywhere

When it comes to giving yourself and your colleagues a boost at work, keeping healthy and hydrated is a vital step. Drinking more water has been proven to help brain activity, keeping us alert throughout the day. Combined with the caffeine-based powers of coffee, it’s a winning combination for boosting business output. Check out Eden Springs’ wide range of water coolers and coffee machines to find the perfect beverage solution for your business.