8 Ways To Reward Your Employees For Their Hard Work

Office Management


There are countless ways to reward your staff for their hard work and efforts. Here at Eden we have gathered together some ideas to help you show your appreciation for your employees.  Have a read over our list of ideas aimed at rewarding standout individuals, teams, or even the entire staff. Whether you’re looking for something expensive or cheap, quick or planned, we have the perfect idea for you.  

 1. Everybody Loves To Eat Right?

There are a number of ways that you can please your staff with food. One idea could be to bring in some baked goods or biscuits for your staff to have at their mid-morning coffee break. Another idea could be to host a breakfast for the team: bring in coffee, pastries and even hot rolls. There is nothing like a bacon butty to kick-start and motivate your employees.

breakfast Image Courtesy of freepeople.com


 2. Give Your Staff A Paid Day Off

Think about this, it is 11.30am on a Friday morning; your team has been working hard all week and is feeling a little worn out or unmotivated. Why not shoot them an email telling them to take the afternoon off; they are sure to appreciate the long weekend. Or, if you are feeling even more generous, a full day’s holiday to take at their leisure is a great way to make your thanks known.


3. Let Them Have A Lie In

Why not give your employees a delayed-start day? Let them come in an hour or so later – when they do arrive at work they will be feeling refreshed and ready for a productive day ahead.


4. Let Them Wear ‘Normal’ Clothes

If you work in a corporate office and have to suit up on a daily basis it might be quite a refreshing treat to let your staff come to work in casual clothes. Since they will be feeling more comfortable and happy this may lead to them feeling more motivated as well.


5. Give The Gift Of A Gift Card

Gift cards are a great idea for an employee reward, especially as you can make them as expensive or inexpensive as you want. They allow you to be a bit more personal with your gift too as you can choose a gift card from their favourite shop. You can give the coffee lover a £10 Starbucks card or the fashionista a £50 Topshop voucher.


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6. You Don’t Need To Spend Money To Show Your Gratitude

You don’t need to buy things or create a grand gesture to show your staff that you appreciate the work they have done. A simple email or heart felt note can really have an impact on someone and make them feel valued. The personal touch goes a long way as it shows that you have taken the time to think about reasons why you appreciate them.


7. Create A Prize Draw Raffle

If you want to plan something a bit bigger for your staff, a prize draw raffle could be a good incentive for people to get motivated. Every month or quarter you could put the names of the highest performing employees into a raffle with the chance for them to win prizes. The expense of the prizes should be based on your budget, so it could be as little as a £20 Amazon voucher or as expensive as a Kindle.


8. Get Out Of The Office

Rewarding the whole team for their collective efforts is always a good way to boost company morale. Why not take the team out of the office and get them to take part in an activity day? Our suggestions include archery lessons, sea kayaking and cocktail mixing classes.

9. Keep them hydratated with a water dispenser

Having a water cooler in your office helps boosting productivity.