8 Office Hacks to Perk Up Your Workplace

Health & Well Being at Work


When it comes to work, we’re always looking for tips to make the 9-5 go just that little bit quicker - and we’re willing to try just about anything. We’ve gathered together a handy list of 8 office hacks to help you perk up your workplace - and while these tips won’t get you out of the door any faster, they will make the working day more enjoyable for everyone involved.   notebook-338486_1280

1. Take a musical timeout

If you’re having a particularly stressful day, pop in your headphones and listen to something that will cheer you up. This will give you some privacy and the idea of listening to something a little bit cheeky in a professional setting is guaranteed to improve your mood. Tip: keep the volume low. Your staff may lose respect for you if they hear ‘Baby Got Back’ blasting through your headphones.  

2. Add a personal touch

Master the work/life balance by injecting a little bit of your personality into the office. Whether it’s a photograph that makes you smile or a personalised mug, adding little touches like these to your work area will make it a nicer place to be. Tip: mark upcoming personal events on your office calendar to remind you of things you’ve got to look forward to.  

3. Cleaning isn’t just for spring

A tidy work space = a tidy mind. If you’re working from a cluttered desk, you’re less likely to be productive. Use files, folders and drawers to organise your important papers. Clean down your desk and keyboard at the end of the day so you start each day with a tidy work area. If you’re not organised, how can you expect your staff to be? Tip: keep some anti-bacterial wipes handy.   sandwich-677696_640

4. Make a meal of it

The working day can sometimes be a bit of a drag, so set an example to your staff and make the most of your lunch hour. Whether it’s getting out of the office or making sure you have plenty of scrumptious snacks on-hand, your lunch break is a chance to refuel and prepare you for the rest of the day - so don’t waste it. Tip: check out our post on four ways to improve your desk lunch.  

5. The perfect pin up

Use an office notice board to organise staff nights out and invite people to any events that are happening. This is a great way to bond with your employees and plan fun activities for the month ahead. Tip: don’t overdo it. Interoffice socialising is one thing, and being best mates with the boss is another.  

6. Colour coding

Injecting a bit of colour into the office can help in several ways. As well as brightening up work areas, colour coding tasks will also help your staff with their concentration. Tip: invest in some colourful post-it notes for your team. coffee-731330_1280

7. Warm up, cool down

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you work out in the office - but you can get in some daily exercise by taking regular trips to the coffee machine or water cooler. And for an extra break from your desk, offer to get your employees a drink, too! Tip: for extra boss points, bring in some kind of baked treat once a week for your team to enjoy with their coffee.  

8. Tasty treats

If you know you tend to lose concentration around a particular time of day, stock the fridge with some treats that will keep you going. A 2pm chocolate bar could be just what you need to see you through to the end of the day. Tip: don’t eat food that you didn’t bring - but don’t label your food, either. A culture of openness within the office starts with you, and that includes trusting your team to keep their hands off!   The easiest way to perk up your workplace is by perking up your team. If your staff are happy, the office will be a much nicer environment. Invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly coffee machines or water coolers for your office and bring a welcome pick-me-up to the working day.