4 Game-Changing Office Productivity Hacks

Office Management


Productivity is the business buzzword of today, with organisations worldwide beginning to take creative approaches to optimising their workforce. In the current economic climate, businesses have been under increasing pressure to turn a profit, with employees working longer hours and being under more pressure than ever.

Increasing productivity means getting more from your employees within the same amount of time – and this could mean improvements in quality, quantity or both. Exercises in improving productivity don’t stop there – the aim isn’t to create a well-oiled sweatshop. Research has shown that employees work at their best when they’re well rested and relaxed, so productivity is all about improving this for the employee as well as the business as a whole.

With that in mind, we’re bringing you some of the best productivity hacks to give your workforce the boost it needs:  

Having a Clear Day

Let’s face it – meetings can sometimes feel like a waste of time. Although they’re a necessary evil for the most part, sometimes it can feel like you’re spending more time talking about doing work than actually getting the job done. The concept of a clear day revolves around making up for time taken over by meetings and admin. One day a week should be allocated as a clear day where there are no meetings, plans or managerial requests. Preferably mid-week, this day allows employees to work in their own style, catching up in projects they have fallen behind on or getting a head start on the days ahead. You’ll be amazed how much your employees get done when left to their own devices for a day – a little faith goes a long way.

no meetings

Let There Be Light

There’s substantial scientific proof that light levels directly affect our mind and body. Windowless offices and fluorescent lighting are prime suspects for low morale, depression and poor productivity. Our body-clock (or circadian rhythm, if you want to get technical) is designed to respond to bright, natural sunlight. Sunlight causes our body to release hormones at different times of day making us feel alert in the morning and sleepy at night. During normal office hours, your employees should be exposed to plenty of natural light. If this is not an option, invest in some ‘daylight lighting’, which mimics natural daylight by producing light at the same intensity and colour temperature. So open those office blinds and bask in the warmth of productivity.


Lose the Desk Shackles

Not only is it unhealthy to be chained to a desk all day, but it’s also a creativity killer. Our bodies are designed to be active and modern lifestyles are having a serious impact on this, with obesity rates and an all-time high. No matter how comfortable your chair is, we are simply not designed to spend most of our time sitting down. If you’re employees are staring at a screen all day, they’ll remain in their work bubble, losing perspective on whatever it is they’re doing. Managers need to encourage their staff to step away from their desk during their lunch break, or even take a walk outside. It’s all very well saying this, but if it’s to be actively encouraged, employers should consider providing a relaxing, well-lit break room and locate their business somewhere with easy access to great outdoor spaces – a park would be ideal.  

no phoneFlight-Mode Hour

Yes, you guessed it – a whole hour every day without internet or phones. This means no email, no Google and certainly no Facebook! Before you gasp in horror and check to make sure you still have Wi-Fi – hear us out. Flight-mode hour is designed to take people back to basics, and you’ll be surprised how effectively putting pen to paper gets the creative juices flowing. Ideally, this hour should be allocated 30 minutes after work begins, giving employees enough time to catch up on their emails and see what they need to do that day. The hour gives them time to thoroughly plan their work and come up with great ideas for the rest of their day. Mind-maps are a great way for employees to come up with innovative ideas to boost business – this is also a great time to encourage group discussion in the office, helping everyone plan their day effectively.     Why not give your team a productivity boost by investing in an office coffee machine or water cooler? Keep your team hydrated and caffeinated throughout the day with Eden Springs’ competitively priced range of coffee machines and drinking water coolers.