2 Big Reasons to drink water daily

Health & Well Being at Work


It's vital to drink enough water daily, that is well known. But exactly why is water and hydration so essential in the body? .

Water returns lost fluids

The recommended amount of water you should drink each day varies, but Eden Springs water recommend eight glasses a day to remain healthy and hydrated. Insufficient fluids in the body can lead to dehydration, which can vary in effects from dizziness and headaches to fainting and more serious conditions. It's especially important to replenish your water levels if you've been exercising – you can sweat out a surprising amount of water when exerting yourself!

Staying healthy, getting healthy again

well being illDrinking water helps you stay healthy, and staying healthy means you don't end up sick – obvious right? But if you do get ill, drinking water is still the way to go, as fevers, vomiting etc. can result in you losing fluids more rapidly than normal. And don't forget that water is calorie-free, so you can happily drink without worrying about the waistline! Eden Springs are promoting water as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if you work in an office, through our Well Being at Work website. Visit to find out how having a water cooler can help you!