Eden Fleet Bottled Water Coolers

A fantastic range of white all-purpose bottled water coolers, with simple looks that can fit into any office environment. These bottled coolers offer hot and cold versions, providing a flexible and reliable solution for all environments.


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20 - 50
50 - 100
100 +
  • Small BusinessSmall Office
  • Hot WaterHot
  • Cold WaterCold

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Eden Fleet Range Water Coolers

Bottled Water Cooler from 50p* per day

Only the purest, natural water is sourced for our bottled water coolers. As Europe’s leading water cooler brand, we have the highest standards in quality assurance, hygiene and safety.

  • No chemicals
  • No chlorine
  • No metallic taste
  • Pure, natural water from carefully chosen local aquifers
  • Water coolers are sanitised every 3 months following the recommendations of BWCA (British Water Cooler Association)

*Price includes Cooler Rental plus Quarterly Sanitisation

  • Perfect for locations without mains water available
  • FREE First 2 months of new rental contracts
  • Unrivalled national bottled water delivery
  • Reliable & cost effective
  • Robust design; White cabinets
  • Floorstanding & Countertop models available
  • Duo: Ambient / Cold or Hot / Cold options
  • Robust design
  • Stylish white cabinet
  • Regular scheduled sanitisation
  • Clean, fresh drinking water
  • Easy bottle changes
  • External cup holder
    *depending on model. Some may be supplied with internal cup-holders
  • Easy to remove drip tray
  • Quiet


  • Bottled water coolers can be positioned anywhere with a power supply
  • Eden Springs bottled water is naturally sourced
  • Eden Springs are an environmentally responsible company
  • All new water coolers are Carbon Neutral Certified
  • We carefully select our water coolers for ease of use
  • Using Eden Springs water you can be assured of constant quality 
  • We only provide UK sourced water


  • Hot Water: 86-93 °C
  • Cold Water: 3-10 °C
  • Litres per hour: 5.22 (Hot & Cold) 5.87 (Ambient & Cold)
  • Reservoir Type: Fixed
  • Power: 220-240 V, 13amp moulded plug pre-fitted
  • Power consumption: Chilling 95W & Heating 600W (Typical)
  • Floorstanding Dimensions: (WxDxH) 34x33x96.5cm
  • Desktop Dimensions: (WxDxH) 33x36.8x41.9cm
  • Cup Dispenser Type: External


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