Our Eden

Our Eden Values reflect our essence and our aspirations for the future. They guide our behaviour, our interactions inside the company, how we make decisions and our relationship with customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.
The values inspire us to progress and to contribute to a successful future.

We care

We care about our fellow employees, our customers and our business partners with whom we aim to build trusting and lasting relationships.

  • We care about our employees, we support them to develop their potential and feel accomplished. 
  • We are dedicated to our customers and we offer them the best experiences every day through our high quality services & products. 
  • We act with integrity and in an ethical manner at all times as we believe that Eden’s reputation is its most important asset. 
  • We manage our business in a responsible way, with care for communities and the environment, contributing to a sustainable future for all us.

We dare

To make a difference. We have the courage to try new ways, to innovate and to lead the industry.

  • We promote creativity and innovation as key drivers towards success. 
  • We believe that everybody can make a difference in their role and inspire others by demonstrating forward thinking and pride for what they do. 
  • We have a long-term vision & strategy that guides us and the agility to adapt quickly to new situations.

We excel

Our goal is to excel in everything we do. Our passion for excellence leads us to set high standards and to continuously improve.

  • We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, demonstrating enthusiasm, flexibility and a high level of professionalism. 
  • We believe that when we work as one team, with our customers at the center, we can achieve amazing results. 
  • The quality of our services and products is the key factor of our success and differentiates us from our competition. We aim to be recognized as the first choice water & coffee solution provider.