Work lunches to help you stay energised and motivated

Health & Well Being at Work


We have all heard the phrase 'You Are What You Eat' and it's true. Certain foods help your mind to stay alert and motivated at work. Recently I stumbled across the site Nutritious & Delicious which is a healthy eating/wellbeing programme created for the busy employee. It aims to highlight the importance of the meals eaten in the workplace during daytime hours. They have created a range of categorised recipes to help you target your needs. For example do you need to feel re-energised or alert? Check out some of the recipes below and see if they work for you!

1. Courgette and pepper frittata


2. Roast beef sandwich

3. Warm chicken salad with aubergine and fennel

4. Haddock, leek and lentil chowder

5. Griddled tuna steak with cannellini beans