Why Your Office Mug Tells Colleagues You're "Aggressive and Touchy"



What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

While most office workers probably don’t put too much conscious thought into their office mug, the truth is that what you put your office coffee in is as good as a self-portrait in the working world. There’s a lot going on under the surface, so whether you’re a clean, corporate type or prefer your brew inside some quirky kitsch, your office mug says a lot about you behind your back. It's vital to feel like you and your colleagues can be yourselves at work in order to feel happy and be as motivated as possible, and your mug can let you show your true colours. Before your colleagues start gossiping, you might want to know what secrets your cup’s been telling... We know a mug is more than just a mug – and we’ve got the ungrounded theories to prove it!

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Pop Culture Paraphernalia

Film Reel Image by Coyau


  You’ve got a favourite movie or record you’re convinced reflects your identity, which means you’ve got the t-shirt, the poster, the key ring and even the coffee cup. Whether you’re a cult movie lover or die-hard Rolling Stones fan, your office mug doesn’t mess about. Everyone knows what you’re into and you were willing to pay £3.99 or thereabouts for the privilege.  

Corporate Class

plain-mug You take yourself seriously and don’t see why that’s a problem. You ooze professionalism and think your mug should do the same – which is why yours is clean, corporate and altogether presentable. You keep work and home separate and don’t give away too much, so your coffee mug keeps its mouth shut and gets right down to business – just like you.  

Kitsch Love

colorful-cup You’re a big personality who wants the entire office to know what you’re about without having to spell it out – which is why your office mug is loud enough for the both of you. Whether it’s a misshapen crime against ceramics or a delightful, kaleidoscopic oddity, your mug might be a Marmite choice but it has undeniable character.  

<Insert Slogan/Catchphrase Here>

Image courtesy of amazon.co.uk Unlike the kitsch lovers, you’re more than willing to spell it out. Your mug features a cheeky slogan, inspirational quote or bold statement – and you’re well aware what it says about you. This is a bold move on the mug front and can alienate some of your colleagues but, as far as you’re concerned, there’s no worse failing than the failure to distinguish yourself.  

It’s Got Your Name On It

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com You didn’t get the office memo about the benefits of sharing – not that it would have made any difference. That mug has got your name on it – whether you found it in a custom china shop or had to scrawl it on in Sharpie yourself – and that means it’s yours. Coffee is very important to you, which is why your office mug doesn’t say much other than ‘look but don’t touch’, and there’s an ‘or else’ in there somewhere.  

Start-Up Mug

Image courtesy of iwantoneofthose.com You’re a child of the Online Age who probably looks up to Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs types whenever you need some inspiration. Your mug is ultramodern and unmistakably dotcom, probably in a primary colour and quirky shape – and you’re always on the cutting edge of international trends. We wouldn’t be surprised to find some serious gourmet java inside.  


Giant Coffee Cup Image by Dan Lacher


  You don’t see the point in having a cup of coffee when you can have five at once. Your office mug is big enough for an entire day’s caffeine dose, and you like it that way. It could be sleep deprivation, or maybe just a serious case of the caffeine cravings, but the bottom line is that you can fit a whole lot of coffee in that beast of a beverage holder. Some colleagues think you’re over-compensating for something, but you know it’s just a quantity thing.

Which mug are you? Show us your favourite mug at our Facebook page

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