Which water cooler is right for you?


Water coolers are as simple as it gets. They consist on two modules: a water bottle on top and a base or pedestal similar to a fountain, where one or various pumps provide natural water, both cold and hot.

These water coolers don’t need to be installed and their maintenance work is practically non-existant. Few systems can provide so much and take so little and, despite their simplicity, they fulfill their role perfectly: to make sure every office worker has access to quality water without wasting any time or making any effort.

Water coolers are the best solution for any lounge or office, allowing everyone to hydrate, quench their thirst, be refreshed and, by picking a hot water model, make tea or infusions. This break helps workers recover their strenght and re-start their jobs on a positive note, accepting both the satisfactions and the challenges it provides. 

Cold water coolers: convenience and advantages

Cold water coolers are easy to use and highly practical. On top of that, they offer a number of very significant advantages such as:

  • Economy. Comparing time and money spent on buying water bottles and having a water cooler, the latter is without a doubt much more cost-effective. 
  • Easy to use. The water cooler dispenser is simpler than turning the tab. Just pull the lever and see water run from the machine. In order to differentiate between hot and cold water, the buttons present different colours. 
  • Safety. Water is essential to improve job performance. Besides, water coolers ensure safety, as they provide clean and controlled water. This is perfect for leading a healthy life. 

Hot water coolers: the same quality with a temperature control

In case you acquire a water cooler that can provide hot water, a total control of water temperature, so that it’s always perfect, is added to the advantages of the system.

Water coolers: the best way to avoid wasting time

At work and society at large, time is priceless. Our time equals money and many times, without realising it, we waste it on routine actions that are messy and provide you with no value. For instance: shopping and transporting mineral water bottles.

Water coolers eliminate this problem, as the companies that supply them take care of everything: installation, maintenance and refilling of bottles, all within an agreed schedule and, if needed, immediately. A complete and effective service that makes sure you always have access to quality water, both home and at work. 

It's the details that count

Agua Eden is one of the top companies selling water coolers, appart from other products that guarantee well being at work. To ensure our clients’ demands are met, even the most demanding ones, we like to take care of details.

This is why we offer a wide arrange of quality accessories so that you enjoy a relaxing and refreshing experience and take the time to enjoy a perfect break. These are some of our most-demanded accessories for water coolers:

  • Our very resistant polypropylene cups.
  • Paper cups.
  • The new biodegradable cups.
  • Hygiene kits for water coolers
  • Jug & cups kits for your visits.
  • Bottle racks to keep your bottles tidy.
  • Protective rugs.

On top of this, Agua Eden offers added value such as: a personalised design for your water coolers, or the utmost commitment with the environment (all our bottles are recyclable and can be reused), something more and more appreciated and demanded by many companies.