Which Water Cooler is Right For You?

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled Water CoolerAre you thinking about water cooler solutions for your office? Keeping employees hydrated is the best way to promote health and wellbeing at work - and it will boost productivity too. But with lots of different water coolers to choose from, how do you know which is the right one?

Bottled Water Coolers

One of your options is a bottle-fed water cooler, with the distinctive bottle on top feeding fresh, natural water into the cooling system. There are several types of bottled water coolers, offering different water temperatures (ambient, cool or even hot) and available in free standing and desktop varieties. You can even match your cooler to the colour scheme in your office, having it in white, black, stainless steel or brushed metal.

Mains Water Coolers

These days, many people prefer to fix their costs by buying or renting plumbed-in water coolers, which take water from your mains water supply and cool or heat it as needed.  A good example of this is our Eden Unlimited range equipped with Brita/3M designed filters so you can be sure that all impurities are removed before you take a drink.

Still confused about which Eden Springs water cooler to choose? Try our water cooler solution test to get some ideas. We'll even throw in some figures on estimated water consumption so you can work out how much your bottled or plumbed-in water cooler will cost you.