What Makes a Company Great?

Office Management


The Sunday Times’ Best Companies to Work For 2014 saw reputable businesses across the country compared based on the holiest of all professional criteria. The coveted positions on this 100-strong list are reserved for companies that do things differently - with innovators, motivators and industry leaders claiming their place. As an employer or business owner striving for industrial excellence, these are the companies to keep your competitive eye on. And if you’re looking for the recipe for professional greatness, we’re about to fill you in on some of the essential ingredients.   EdenCompany1  

Office Culture

Nurturing a positive working culture within the office breeds creativity - and businesses that pride themselves on a culture of motivation reap the rewards. Many companies throughout the Sunday Times’ list have earned their spot by shaking up office standards - teaching their teams not to settle for satisfactory, and promoting cooperation among all employees. A sense of unity guarantees results - and business owners who see their team as a collection of uniquely valuable and skilled individuals are rewarded with exceptional performance. By instilling your employees with a sense of ambition, you’re arming them with the greatest motivational tool of all: the desire to achieve.  

Employee Wellbeing

Leading your industry is impossible without leading your team - and businesses that acknowledge and actively demonstrate the difference between management and leadership are the ones making waves in their sector. Prioritising the wellbeing of your employees is essential to their job satisfaction, and guarantees a loyal and committed workforce driven to deliver results. Put simply, keep your employees best interests at heart - and they’ll return the favour. The work-life balance is an essential factor in any employees’ professional happiness, and employers that understand the enormous role this equilibrium plays in job performance are sure to reap the rewards of keeping it in check. A team that doesn’t feel suffocated by unmanageable workloads or oppressed by their managers is a team with everything they need to perform at their best.   EdenCompany2

Company Values

Operating efficiently is the key to your business’s financial performance, but upholding and communicating your company values is the key to building a brand. ‘Great’ companies aren’t satisfied with simply being successful, and instead leverage their success to benefit others. Employees are proud to work for an enterprise with a conscience - and by contributing to the local community or operating in an altruistic way, you can make sure your business is one your staff will admire. When employees respect their colleagues, admire their leaders and love their work, that’s when you’ve found the recipe for industry greatness.   At Eden Springs, we’re bringing hydration to the masses - and if your office could use a productivity pick-me-up, our range of eco-friendly office coffee machines are sure to do the trick.