Water news - October 2010


Here at Eden Springs we always like to keep track of the latest news about water, and there are some interesting items this month.

Water innovation winners

Late last month the International Water Association announced the winners of its Project Innovation Awards (PIA) programme.  The programme underpins the IWA's goal of connecting water professionals around the world to  "lead the development of effective and sustainable approaches to water management”. Projects submitted for the awards are judged based on the following criteria: originality and innovative application of technology; future value to engineering profession; social, economic and sustainable design considerations; complexity of the situation addressed; and degree of meeting client’s needs and expectations. Among the 17 projects recognized was a UK project by AGBAR for Ice Pigging Technology to Clean Potable Water Mains. Congratulations to the winners and honour award nominees.

Dealing with drought

Still on the subject of innovation, the Cities as Water Supply Catchments research programme at Monash University in Australia is looking for innovative ways to deal with drought, population growth and climate change which can affect our water supply. The programme includes integrated projects on "engineering, stream ecology, water chemistry, climate science, social science, economics and urban design", according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sparkling water

On a lighter note, Parisians no longer have to get their sparkling water from bottles. Instead, they can get it free from a public drinking fountain which puts the bubbles in and chills the water before pumping it out to consumers. And for those who like their water still, nearby taps deliver chilled and regular water.  Ooh la la!

It's a marathon...

And closer to home, check out this video about Mark Cooper's 50 marathon in 56 days fundraising adventure. We were proud to to sponsor Mark through our Charity Water programme. Here's the video:Mark Cooper - 50 Marathons.