Water news: Could UK water metering get smarter?


At Eden Springs we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. That's one reason why we like to keep track of developments in water usage and conservation. In the US, research company Pike Research has published some interesting findings on trends in water usage and smart water meters. There are plenty of places in the world that already face water shortages, but it seems the US could be on that list as soon as 2013, with 36 of the 50 states expected to find water scarce by that time. The research points out that 'water utilities around the world are hard pressed to deliver water efficiently", with leaks, theft and poor measurement responsible for the startling fact that large amounts of water never reach the customers. This figure is about 20% in developed countries, rising to as much as 50% in developing ones. One of the answers to the problem is smart water meters which offer real time monitoring of water consumption for home users and early leak detection for utility companies. After all, if you can see that you are pouring water and money down the drain, it's a good incentive to stop immediately. The US isn't the only place planning on trying this technology. UK and European water companies have already started using smarter meters, so it's likely that one day, the meters on trial in the US could find their way here, too. In the meantime, you can keep track of your daily water consumption in a much easier way, by using one of our bottled water coolers to see exactly how much water you use.