Water Cooler of the Week – EDEN F-MAX MAINS-FED



Water Cooler of the Week – EDEN F-MAX MAINS-FED

The Eden Ebac F-Max will look great in any environment. Made in Britain by Ebac, one of Europe’s best selling brands, the Eden Ebac F-Max has a contemporary, slim design constructed from high quality & durable ABS Polymer. It features a high dispense point for ease of use and the Ebac patented AquaSafe technology, making it one of the most hygienic water coolers available today.

Our most Hygienic Water Cooler

The floor standing mains-fed Eden Ebac F-max is the epitome of style and hygiene. The Duplex dispense nozzle is shielded by a shroud, ensuring any filtered water being served from the machine is protected from potential cross-contamination.  Unprotected coolers can be contaminated by exposure to the touch of a water bottle or hand in high volume use areas.Aquasafe insitu

The AquaSafe technology within the cooler is the most hygienic technology of its kind. The unfiltered water from your mains is chilled within the water cooler, chlorine and impurities are then filtered out at the point of dispense, for crystal clear hydration.

The water temperature options available on this machine include ambient and cold or hot and cold. The F-Max features an internal cup holder and an automatic drip tray evaporation system that will remove any excess water left over after use, providing a clean and hassle-free machine for everyone.

Lowest Carbon Footprint Water Cooler

Eden Ebac F-max is the lowest carbon footprint water cooler in the world, the hot option on the Ebac, the industry award winning Hot Tank in the F-Max works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to ensure it retains heat. The F-Max requires less frequent heating and as a result is 30 times more energy efficient than other Hot Tanks.Water Cooler of the Week - Eden F-Max

Reliable and Hygienic

Our team will visit your site once every 6 months to sanitise your cooler, between Monday – Friday to fully sanitise your water cooler. The AquaSafe will be replaced and the cooler will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, ensuring a hygienic and reliable fresh filtered water supply.


For further information on this machine please contact our team on 0808 256 2470.