Water Cooler of the Week: EBAC E-MAX



Ebac E-Max

We start this week with our mains-fed Good Range water cooler solution, The Eden Ebac E-Max is our dependable entry-level option that has a robust, durable design suitable for all work & home environments.

There are many benefits of renting a Mains-fed water cooler, these include:

  • No bottle storage requirements
  • Cost efficiency
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

This hygienic, durable water cooler features a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly carbon filtration system that ensures your mains-fed water is as pure as can be whilst maintaining a high standard of hygiene through the use of the specially designed dispense levers, that are positioned away from the dispensing area, preventing potential water contamination by hands. E-max Additionally, the Ebac E-max is our only mains-fed water cooler that includes the patented WaterTrail, this sanitisation kit is the most successful technology of its kind. The WaterTrail doesn’t have any chemicals, and the dispense nozzle is insulated from contamination –providing 100% sanitisation, from the outset. Every 6 months, one of our BWCA qualified technicians will come to clean and sanitise your water cooler, this includes removing and replacing you WaterTrail to ensure a healthy source of fresh, filtered water for everyone to enjoy. Sanitisation visits take place between Monday – Friday. However if you wish to make any changes to this, or want someone to visit sooner this can be arranged by a quick phone call. Emax_Usps The Eden Ebac Emax water cooler has dual temperature controls with options including cold and ambient or hot and cold. When opting for the hot and cold option the machine will come with a vacuum insulated hot tank which is 30 times more energy efficient than regular water coolers. For further information on the Eden Ebac E-max or to arrange a site visit please call us on 0808 256 2470 or fill out the ‘Get a Quote form’.