Vote: Which luxury should your employer offer?

Health & Well Being at Work


Last month I read this article on how Virgin Group boss Richard Branson is offering his UK and US staff unlimited holiday as long as it does not affect the business. This decision was inspired by his daughter who had told him about companies like Netflix which have a similar policy. This got us thinking about what other luxuries or perks companies can offer to keep their employees feeling appreciated.

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1. Gym facilities

Do you want to keep fit and healthy but, by the time you get home from work, have lost the motivation? Google and are out to solve that problem with their onsite gym facilities/classes, indoor tennis/basketball courts and table tennis tables for a bit of light exercise. Vote for this machines-91849_1280  

2. Cleaning and laundry facilities

Wouldn't it be great to come home from work to a clean house and a pile of clean clothes? Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter employees have this luxury! Vote for this



3. Free gourmet meals

Do you spend most of your evening in the kitchen? Would you like to eat healthily but can't be bothered to cook? Or are you simply not good at cooking? All these are good reasons for and Google to offer their staff three free gourmet meals a day to keep them healthy, not hungry. Vote for this  

4. Company car

Do you waste hours of your day on the bus or the train? Do you dream that having a car would cut your commuting time? Instead, Abercrombie & Fitch gives its employees scooters to get to and from work – cars can be an extra expense that some people might not want to consider. Vote for this  

5. Massage chair/onsite masseuse

Does your job make you feel a little stressed or tense? Companies such as LinkedIn and American Express give their staff the option of a massage onsite to release some of that tension. Vote for this  

6. Onsite bar

Do you appreciate a cold beer or glass of wine after work to take the edge off? TripAdvisor and Yelp staff don't have far to travel to quench their thirst at the free after-business-hours bar.Vote for this alcohol-2101_1280  

7. Nap/relaxation pods

Ever wanted a quick 15 minutes at work to relax in a quiet space? Google offers its employees the chance to have a short nap while at work to rejuvenate both mind and body. Vote for this  

8. Onsite nursery/childcare facilities

Want to spend an extra hour a day with your kids? As a Google or gNappies employee you could do just that. They have an onsite nursery so you can pop over and see your children during your lunch break. Vote for this    

Which perk would you appreciate the most?